Female Infanticide

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Female Infanticide
Female infanticide is the intentional killing of unborn or newborn female infants and fetuses through the use of sex-selective abortions. It it is most commonly practiced in third world countries and many Asian countries such as China and India. Many impoverished families in many rural areas in Asian countries often terminate a pregnancy or kill a newborn girl in an effort to save the girl form a life of poverty. If this was the reason they kill their children, then why don't they kill boys too? Girls are seen as a finical burden on the family. They can not work to help the family. When they get married, they are no longer part of the family, they are now in the husband’s family. Parents in these rural, undeveloped parts of the world are unwilling to put themselves though a greater finical hardship for their own child. It is the simple fact that these girls are born into societies that hold a much greater societal value on men than women and therefore they are not wroth the struggle for the families so they kill them instead.
The practice of female infanticide is older than many cultures in today’s world, due to the traditional thinking that women are a burden on the family and are seen as less worthy. In many cultures that practice sex- selective abortions, also experience high poverty rates. Therefore many families who are poor want a child that can work to help increase the families overall income and power and women typically can not do contribute to this in these countries. In India when a woman gets married is in no longer apart of the family so unable to help the family. The women's family also has to pay her husband’s family a dowry. A dowry is property or money that is given to the husb...

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...ering the chances of intentional death.
Through the use of sex-selective abortions, child abandonment, and the intentional killing of female infants, female infanticide as accounted millions of missing girls from the world’s population. Female infanticide is the consequence of a strongly implanted, preconceived, idea that women are a financial burden on individual families as well as society as a whole. The large amount of missing women from India and China’s population as lead to a plethora of further social issues, such as human trafficking, higher crime rates, the lack of economic and social growth, and the over population of orphanages. In today's modern world the thought of a child being killed for a reason in which is out of their control, seems outrageous, but the stunning truth is that “It’s a girl” has become the three most deadly worlds in the world.
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