Female Characters Overthrowing Gender Roles

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Throughout the world of writing, including short fiction, women are portrayed as good, evil, funny, dry, smart, stupid, almost any adjective you can think of. Kate Chopin, a primarily short story writer, does not fall short of this statement. Through her stories, “The Storm,” and “The Story of an Hour,” the women seem to be trapped in confining gender roles. By the conclusion of each story all the women find a way to challenge their everyday roles and overthrow them in some matter. Although these stories are dissimilar from each other, both show the struggle that women have against one or several antagonists in their lives. Chopin shows hardships through internal and external struggle within and family environment and within a personal environment. Whether the women depicted are escaping from their horrid lifestyle, or just plain escape from life, she is able to embody the hardships women face. Kate Chopin was a female writer whose radical viewpoints on life and sexism were not looked upon highly during her time period. In the late nineteenth century, she wrote and published her stories when it was custom for women to conduct themselves in a certain “womanly,” manner at all times. On the contrary, men could experience the world and did not have to follow as strict of a “code of conduct.” This conduct is what most likely fueled Chopin’s style of writing. Sexual drive and sexual feelings, expressed by females, was frowned upon in society and in writing in the nineteenth century, which was primarily the focus of Chopin’s writings. She writes about women in the different stages of liberation from men, which led to the overwhelming amount of criticism and oppression towards her style of writing. As many people do, Chopin included her... ... middle of paper ... ...pin shows us here that the women was able to challenge and overcome her confining role, but the notion of facing the same thing over again kills her. These two stories both only a few pages long, describe an extremely important theme within many of Kate Chopin’s writings. “The Storm,” and “The Story of an Hour,” focus on women’s revolt against conformity and the norms of their title. Kate shows how her woman can take their gender confining roles and flip them around to live in peace and freedom. The stories both coincide with the central impression of women challenging and altering their lives from a set view, either ending up with a death or ending with a secret affair. All of the women in Chopin’s stories wanted something to happen to change their lives. They found that change through by being unorthodox, by fighting the flow, and by differing from the mold.
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