Female Chaauvinist Pigs: Women And The Rise Of Raunch Culture, By Ariel Levy

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Women have been forced to conform to social and gender stereotypes for centuries. In part of that, they some times re-enforce those stereotypes by being the personification of those stereotypes. Saying that women belong in the kitchen or that they are less intellectual than males creates an inappropriate expectation towards women. These stereotypes cause women to be the stepping stools for men making women seems inferior when they are compared to males. This affects women by being unable to reach the higher standards that men possess. In “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture” written by Ariel Levy, she speaks of women who have become aware of these higher standards; thus, conform to male stereotypes. This causes them to become female chauvinist pigs. Contrasting Levy would be Jayme Poisson and her article “Parents Keep Child’s Gender Secret”. In her article she details a baby named Storm and his/hers parents push to create a genderless baby. Making Storm this way is their desire to have their child be free of social and gender stereotypes. Whether a female is conforming to stereotypes or simply disregarding them, they will…show more content…
Being an overall “man” is a major part of raunch culture. Having all the male characteristics within raunch culture is what allows the women with in it to be successful. But what is the actual benefit of gaining these characteristics.
“What can be gained by ‘acting like’ an exalted group or reifying the stereotypes attributed to a subordinate group. These are two strategies an FCP uses to deal with her femaleness: either acting like a cartoon man – who drools over strippers, says things like ‘check out that ass,’ and brags about having the ‘biggest cock in the building’ – or acting like a cartoon woman, who has big cartoon breasts, wears little cartoon outfits, and can only express her sexuality by spinning around a pole” (Levy

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