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When a child turns on the television to watch his or her favorite TV program, they are instantly being influenced by advertisers. Most TV shows that are made for children contain ads for junk food. The junk food companies target the children through television commercials, and proceed to plant a seed in their minds that they want to consume junk food. This has led to an increase in children’s desires to consume junk food, something which has a tremendous impact on their health. Junk food companies should not be allowed to advertise on TV during children’s shows because junk food is unhealthy for children.
Children’s television programs are overrun with advertisements. In fact in 2010, the average child under the age of 12 saw 5,000 advertisements on TV each year for food (pg 6), depicting the fun and excitement other children were having when they consumed the product being advertised. The children the advertisers use on TV always appear to be happy and healthy. The children on TV are never shown to be overweight, a problem that most children deal with in real life when they consum...
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