Feelings of Suspense in “Dead Simple” by Peter James

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The novel “Dead simple” by Peter James is a gripping novel which keeps the reader on the edge of his seat throughout. The story is about a young man named Michael who is on his stag due with his friends and when they play a harmless prank on him (burning him in a coffin.) It goes seriously wrong when they are killed in a car accident and the question remains, where is Michael Harrison? This essay will examine how Peter James creates suspense throughout the novel using various literary techniques.

Imagery is used throughout the novel to help create suspense “For an instant he felt warm and snug, then a flash of panic” Michael knew he was in a small confined space and being claustrophobic he didn’t enjoy it at all. This image makes the character, Michael, seem like an extremely venerable person and this causes the reader to feel his pain about the predicament he is in. As Michael struggles to free himself little does he know his friends have being killed in a car crash “trees to his right, a JCB to his left, headlight searing through the windscreen like a train” This brilliant simil...

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