Feedback In Performance Management

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Performance feedback is an essential tool for business performance management. This tool is an ongoing process between managers and employees. Performance feedback focuses on the exchange of information concerning past performance, current performance and how this information may shape in relation to future performance. Feedback is performance based and the information gathered is from direct observation. Such information is aimed at changing and sustaining behaviour. Performance feedback can be also be observed by organisations by implementing various techniques such as offering training, providing development opportunities, clearly specificing job requirements and expectations and by also gathering feedback from fellow line managers about such performance related to these techniques. In doing this, the margin of error by implementing such features may be reduced. Performance feedback is typically conducted in such a way where managers have the only authority to examine the performance of their employees.
This literature review will discuss the importance of giving performance feedback, it’s proposed benefits for employers, challenges and under what conditions, for example, the system used, can improving performance feedback be recommended. It will also reflect on how such topics may have certain implications for my own work-life and compare these with other organisations and how they utilised such concepts mentioned when giving performance feedback.
Performance feedback is considered very important tool in the performance management system, as it aims to not only improve performance but to also provide motivation for those receiving it. As a result, it will eventually help the receiver’s of such feedback acquire job satisf...

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...focuses on the activities used compared to the (results) outputs, or personality traits compared to the performance, the proper information might not be accurately obtained.
In today’s changing business environment, Performance review’s and or appraisals of employees is very necessary in order to boost motivational levels and obtain future productivity. It is proven that timely mentoring, may be a way to quickly improve performance and also help energize and motivate employees to contribute their best. In modern organisations, where people usually work in global teams and have multiple roles, it has been said that the best ideas often come from people external to the structure, to which the employee reports (Aguinis, 2009). For this purpose the formal and informal feedback process and planning of it is very crucial for management to employ in their organisation.
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