Fedex Freight 's Senior Vice President Of Operations And Transportation Gary W.

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Forum 2 | FedEx Freight FedEx Freight’s senior Vice President of Operations and Transportation Gary W. Bouch quickly realized that there was a need to develop and rebuild trust within the organization. The employees were dissatisfied with the company. They complained about favoritism, poor leadership, and the lack of communication. He set out to develop a culture of “putting people first” in an effort to build trust and improve communication among the organization. Sheridan Garrison was a leader in the organization, which believed that a successful business must focus on the people by giving them principles to live by and common goals of customer satisfaction through teamwork (Hess & Cameron, 2006). The most important concept at FedEx Freight focuses on the values that put emphasis on their people, their customers, culture, trust, integrity, and communication. Comparison of FedEx Freight Policy and Scriptures FedEx promoted taking care of their people by maintaining a culture established to protect and empower them. Sheridan Garrison was committed to connecting with their people to ascertain how they felt though constant communication. FedEx and scriptures put emphasis on building trust and putting the needs of other before your own. Employee satisfaction results from the experience of one’s job and the atmosphere. Consistent with Brown, Gray, McHardy, &Taylor (2015), employee trust within the workplace influences workplace performance. Furthermore, Philippians 2:4-5 conveys that we should not only look out for our own interests, but take an interest in others, as well. You must have the same attitude that Christ had. FedEx Freight’s policy and scripture are very similar. They both relate to putting the needs of others b... ... middle of paper ... ... understanding with their employees. In addition, they felt that people are their most important asset. Current Business/Organizational Literature Consistent with Mineo (2014), trust is the glue that binds the leader to the follower and enables leadership success. Trust is imperative in a leadership-employee relationship. Employees must feel that they can depend on their leaders and have confidence that they have their well-being in mind at all times. The lack of trust in the workplace results in the lack of positive performance and inconsistency on the job. It is imperative that leaders understand that trust is vital to the success of any organization. Furthermore, trust opens up the lines to communication. The leaders at FedEx Freight recognizes that trust and communication are the seamless combination of values that contributed to their organizational success.

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