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The Constitution came out to a world full of criticism. To put to sleep many of the objections that the critics had to the Constitution a number of those in favor of it such as Hamilton, Madison and John Jay wrote the Federalist. While there were many arguments for the Constitution, there were two that played a major part in American life.

The first major argument was that the powers of the government came directly or indirectly from the common people. The second argument stated that to keep the government in check there is a series of checks and balances that will not let one branch of government gain too much control. Hamilton, Madison, and Jay put forth many of the arguments in support of the Constitution, but these two stood out more than the rest.

In more depth, the first argument states that the government is directly related to the common people. The powers of the government come from ordinary powers or the common people and these ordinary powers have the ability to make changes in the government. The Constitution was designed in a manner as to protect the people of the nation both at the time the Constitution was produced and up to a time that the government might be destroyed. The protection of the people and their ordinary powers is achieved by allowing the citizens under the constitution to alter the government that the Constitution set up. The House of Representatives for example derives its powers from the people of America - the House is set up in such a manner that the people of America have a direct part in the government. The involvement of the people in government was a crucial argument in support of the Constitution, for it stated that the government would for the most part move...

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...they were doing, the delegates were no longer working under the will of their states but under their own will and for their own benefit. In taking this power away from the states and placing it in their own hands, the Constitution created by the delegates goes against what a republic is when representatives no longer represent what they are appointed to.

Clinton argues, that because the delegates took power into their own hands, the Constitution was created tainted and should be opposed. The delegates made the Constitution with their own self-interest in mind. The delegates took the job that was to be done by Congress and created a new government. The delegates created a tainted document when they took power away from the states and congress. They created a document that they had no authority to create and wanted it implemented. Clinton strongly opposed this.
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