Federalism And Constitutional Underpinnings

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This year in AP Government we covered several topics including constitutional underpinnings, political beliefs and citizen behavior, political parties and interest groups, along with the institutions of the government, civil liberties and civil rights as well as public policy. In this essay I will analyze the connections between these topics and how they work together to help our country 's government run smoothly. The constitutional underpinnings include characteristics embodied in our current government such as federalism, representative democracy, and John Locke’s philosophies. Federalism in the constitutional underpinnings also links to the institutions of government because federalism describes the separation of power…show more content…
One connection that can be made is between the institutions of government and public policy. Whether it be on the federal or state level, the legislative branch is responsible for creating public policy, while the judicial branch is responsible for interpreting these policies as well as trying violators of these policies. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the public policies. The institutions of government also link to constitutional underpinnings because they derive their powers from the constitution directly. The bureaucracy, which is a government institution, links to public policy because they are responsible for carrying out government tasks as related to public policy. For example if there is a new policy that affects drivers licenses, the Department of Motor Vehicles would be responsible for carrying out this policy. Government institutions also link to civil liberties and rights because they are responsible for preserving them for the people of the…show more content…
Civil liberties and civil rights connect to constitutional underpinnings through that the constitution is the basis for most if not all freedoms given to citizens. As mentioned earlier, the first ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights, outline the basic liberties and rights of every U.S citizen. Civil liberties and civil rights also link to interest groups because there are some interest groups out there such as the NAACP whose sole purpose is to advocate for the liberties and rights of its members. Civil rights and liberties also link to public policy because there are certain laws that were created specifically for a civil rights issue such as the ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act which was created to provide equality for disabled

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