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Natural resources have been of great important to America since before its establishment. Since that time, federalism has played in many aspects of regulating natural resources. Both the state and nation government regulates natural resources, leading to both cooperation and conflict. Through regulations, laws, and court cases, the people and industries that manage the nation’s natural resources are able to work together to provide them. The relationship between federalism and natural resources are tied together by the people who use them and lawmakers. On all levels of government, the importance of properly regulating the nation’s resources is recognized, thus federalism is a vital tool in the management of them.
Federalism is the sharing of power between the nation central government and the lower levels such as the state and local government. In the United States, federalism allows state government to work hand in hand with the national government. Both the national and state government is allotted its power by the constitution. It defines both the central government’s role throughout the document and gives power to the lower levels of government. In the Constitution in Article X, the document states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This means that power that is not given to the nation government or expressly forbidden by the Constitution goes to the the state or local government. However in some cases, power from the national or state government can overlap. For example, regulating interstate trade, providing for the general welfare, and other important duties can be share. Federalis...

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...n’s natural resources. Regulations on the federal and state level ensure that through federalism all issues and necessary regulations are able to be carried out. As the different levels of government have power that can at times overlap, conflicts are arise. For instance, both the federal and state governments have the ability to regulate water. Over allotted water from the Rio Grande is current causing issues as state and the federal government seek to come to an understanding that would solve the multiply issues that arise from it. Other times, like with oil fracking, the federal government uses federalism to allow the states governments to resolve the issue as they see best. In the United States, federalism is an imperative and valuable tool that is used by the central and state government to work together and to continue to ensure the best for the country.
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