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Federal Budget Activity Reflection Mark S. Bolin II Grantham University Federal Budget Activity Reflection Reducing government spending has been one of the toughest issues in America and the congress has always put a lot of pressure on the federal budget. In this activity, I was able to simulate a budget that reduces the debt to below 60% of GDP in 2024 and made sure that the level would be kept through 2030. The decisions made were tough; however, I was convinced that the cuts I made in the budget were necessary as shown in the discussions below. Justification of the budget Troops in Afghanistan plays important role in the protection of the lives of Americans. Terrorism is still a threat and since it can destabilize …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how they were able to simulate a budget that reduces the debt to below 60% of gdp in 2024 and made sure that the level would be kept through 2030.
  • Opines that reducing discretionary spending by $ 320 billion would help save additional funds.
  • Explains that improving the transport system solves the problem of immigration due to road congestion, improves infrastructure, and competes in a global world. they reduce grant food stamps, restrict eligibility for pell grants and cut school breakfast programs.
  • Argues that increasing education by 10 billion is the best option because it creates human capital, which is core to growing the american economy.
  • Explains that repealing medicare and medicare provider payment modernization act of 2014 was core but the cuts were to remain. modernizing medicare would save some money.
  • Opines that the sequester's reduction of discretional spending is a counter-argument that would affect their decision.
  • Opines that america is a superpower and believes that strong military is core to maintaining the position. however, qualified civilians should take up some positions that do not need combat in the army.
  • Explains that the us government pays trillions of dollars in taxes to the government, but this money isn't enough to cater for all government expenses. they will use treasury loans to make the difference.
  • Opines that explaining the benefits of the cuts to the economy might convince the public that it is for a better cause.
  • Opines that the current budget process is perfect for fairness, but it is not better for an emergency situation where a quick decision has to be made concerning budget.
  • Opines that if it were a group project, the budget would have not remained as it is.

I noted that if people retire early, it does not cost the government a lot of money, that money could be saved. Then at that age, reducing the scheduled benefits would not give a lot of trouble because at that age, there will be no demands. Then, using the right measure of inflation that gives the accurate figures is very core because it helps save money. In this scheme, all benefits were reduced because we need an economy that is debt free. Medicare is an important issue that affects most Americans. Thus, I chose very important health care choices that would help Americans. In this way, repealing the legislation by scrutinizing the SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014 was core but the cuts were to remain. Then, I realized that growing Medicare spending has become one of the biggest long-term fiscal challenges in the country, thus, modernizing Medicare would give us a way of saving some money. To sum up, you will note that the decisions made in healthcare enabled me to save good money. Possible …show more content…

According to most policy makers, they believe cutting these spending is very harmful because they might go into some projects that Americans depend on. They put it that these cuts might create massive unemployment, compromise military readiness to sudden aggression and do away with projects that have put America to be where it is in the current global politics. However, according to my view, I do not think the cuts I have done would really jeopardize the lives of many Americans. I believe that my approach has looked it from a more balanced approach because it only reduces it by $ 320 Billion, which is not an amount that can put America into danger. Consider that during Obama administration, the target cuts were projected to be 2.5 Trillion. Thus, my cut is not that much significant. Again, being that America is a super power, they take their military serious. They believe that strong military is core to maintaining the position. Thus, interfering with the military, where I consider replacing them with civilians might be counterproductive. However, I believe that qualified civilians should take up some positions like office work and other areas that do not need combat in the army. This does not in any way compromise the military because they will be able to give the same intelligent at a manageable

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