February Best Month For Hiring Since 2006 By Andrew Soergel

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The article entitled “February Best Month for Hiring Since 2006” by Andrew Soergel is an article that not only gives hope to Americans all over the country, but also is an article that emphasizes the importance the government has when it comes to making changes to policies that effect the participation in employment. During this time, many Americans have had a hard time with employment. Obviously, this affects a person’s a life in a huge way. The article “February Best Month for Hiring Since 2006” shows the many ways that being employed or not being employed can affect a person’s life. Not only does this article emphasize that point, but it also does a really good job of showing how the government affects employment as a whole. It amazes me …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how andrew soergel's article "february best month for hiring since 2006" emphasizes the importance of the government in making changes to policies that affect participation in employment.
  • Analyzes how andrew soergel shocks the reader by saying that employers hired 5.4 million employees in february, a 297,000-position jump over the month.
  • Analyzes how andrew soergel's article, "adp: economy tacks on 214,000 new jobs in february," illustrates the many factors that play in to the amount of employment in america.
  • Analyzes how andrew soergel's articles make it easier to understand how employment and unemployment work. there are many factors that increase or decrease employment.

hiring exploded in February as employers brought on more new workers than in any single month since 2006, according to a report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics” (“February Best Month”). Soergel instantly shocks the reader with this line. How can such an increase in one single month, but could not happen over a decades time? Soergel then goes on to explain the details, “Companies hired 5.4 million employees in February, a 297,000-position jump over the month. Among the most active recruiters were retail trade outfits (with 102,000 new hires), accommodation and food services (with 78,000 additions) and education services (with 44,000 new workers). Hiring notably cooled in the mining and logging sector (9,000 fewer new hires) and in information services (5,000 fewer hires)” (“February Best Month”). This seems like a lot of jobs to generate in just a months time. It is also stated “The Labor Department most recently estimated the domestic economy generated 245,000 new jobs in February and another 215,000 positions in March, according to its much anticipated monthly employment reports” (“February Best Month”). This quote illustrates the idea that February was not the only month that generated an increase in employment, but it was the month that kicked the increase off and it continued in the month of …show more content…

In another article by Andrew Soergel, entitled, “ADP: Economy Tacks on 214,000 New Jobs in February,” there is an explanation for the increase in jobs. Soergel states “Indeed, professional and business services generated 59,000 new positions last month, up sharply from January 's revised 38,000. Trade, transportation and utilities managed to tack on 20,000 additions in February, though financial activities ' 8,000 new jobs represents the industry 's worst showing since August” (“ADP: Economy Tacks”). This increase in the amount of jobs that were generated for the month allowed more people to have a chance to get a job, which decreases unemployment. Another great description of how there was an increase in employment is illustrated in a quote said by Gus Faucher. Faucher says, “The U.S. labor market is holding up well in early 2016, despite the volatility in global financial markets,” he continues, “Continued growth in demand, coupled with weak productivity gains, are supporting hiring. In turn, job growth and a tighter labor market are boosting wages and consumers’ incomes, allowing them to increase their spending” (“ADP: Economy Tacks”). This quote helps illustrate the many factors that play in to the amount of employment there is in America. Faucher explains that those factors are the global financial markets, growth in demand,

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