Features of a Good Coaching Programme

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What are the features of a good coaching programme? Introduction The main objective of this essay is to identify features of a good coaching programme aligned with theoretical framework which would help to identify the desired outcome. Although there are plenty of areas to exert coaching, the focus of this essay will be within the scope of organisations. It shall explain the purpose of coaching, its development and a brief description of a few characteristics that have to be considered in a coaching programme. Furthermore, it exemplifies and evaluates one approach, that could be applied in a coaching programme in organisations. Coaching Programmes and its features applied to the workplace In the 1960’s and 1970’s organisations were managed from top-down, collaboration with employees began in the 1980’s as organisations began to flourish and had to become more flexible due to globalisation. Extensive trainings were needed as employees were expected to create leader’s thinking through hierarchical structure changes and coaching emerged (Hudson, 1999) and it became increasingly important. If organisations face that they do not perform over a long term and are not able to compete any more coaching comes into operation to help take up those challenges successfully (Payne, 2007). When the definition of an organisation’s need is clear, an approval for the coaching programme from the executive board level and commitment is essential (Gold et al., 2010). Coaching is offered to individuals, groups, or organisations and is essentially used to bring out the best in people to enhance their skills with a variety of training methods . The essence of coaching is to evoke people’s potential in order to maximise their performance to... ... middle of paper ... ...ls in order to influence negative emotions. It builds inner solidity through developing action plans for the future together with achieving its realistic goals. As implementing a coaching programme as depicted is very cost-intensive, it can also have outcomes which are not desired and don’t align with the organisation’s needs or goals and the result for an employee could be a resignation. In the last decades many coaching approaches emerged and there is no stereotypically approach that would precisely fit in order to cover the organisation’s needs. But the clearer the goals the easier it will be to fit a coaching programme to the specific situation. The most suitable coaching programme for any organisation is geared to the organisational needs with respect to diversity and internal coaching culture: a good coaching programme reflects the needs of an organisation.

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