Features Of Parallel Computer

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Parallel processing:-
Parallel processing is efficient form of information processing which emphasizes the exploitation of concurrent event in the computing process. Concurrency implies parallelism, simultaneity and pipelining.
Parallel event may occur in multiple resources during the same time interval and pipelined event may occur in overlapped time spans.
The highest level of parallel processing is conducted amoung multiple jobs or program through multiprogramming, time sharing and multiprocessor.
Parallel computer Structures:-
Parallel computer are those system that emphasis parallel processing. The basic architectural features of parallel computers are introduced below. We divide parallel computer into three architectural configuration :
1. Pipeline computer
2. Array processor
3. Multiprocessor system.
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The space time diagram for pipeline and non-pipelined processor. in pipeline processor the operation of all stages is synchronized under a common clock control. Interface latches are used between adjacent segments to hold the intermediate result. For non-pipelined processor computer it takes four pipeline cycles to complete one instruction.
.Some main issue in designing a pipeline computer include job sequencing, collision prevention, congestion control, branch handling, reconfiguration and hazard resolution. Pipeline computer are more attractive for vector processing.
Array processor:-
An array processor uses multiple synchronized arithmetic logic unit to achieve spatial parallelism. The fundamental difference between array processor and a multiprocessor system is that the processing element in an array processor operates synchronously but in a multiprocessor system may operate asynchronously.

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