Fear Shredding in the Articles by Hamad and Ahwal

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Though they have the same belief in fighting fears, each author described it from a different perspective depending on the personal experience each of them had. Terry Ahwal described in her article the fear at war and how she overcame it by thinking of the soldiers as humans like her, and all humans are the same. In contrast, the author Mohamad Hamad, in his article he speaks about a technique used to fight the fear of loss by planting unreal ideas in mind to forget about real facts causing this fear. Both were persuasive, but Hamad’s story was more persuasive, since it had more details to describe the story more, making it more realistic and believable to read.
Both Hamad’s and Ahwal’s articles had the same belief of finding the strength to fight fear, both authors have witnessed war and felt the fear of the enemy army as well as the fear of losing something. Although, both authors have fought their fears by convincing themselves with some fake concepts to resist the level of fear they were facing. The tragic stories they both faced were kind of strengthening their belief. As we can see, it even encouraged them to share their stories with people.
Even though the two personal life experiences of the authors were close to each other; yet we can find some differences. For example, in Hamad’s essay, the fake believe that was used by him to convince himself that there is nothing to fear was planted in his mind by parents and elders, which was that the enemy’s army was accurate about the targets they were aiming to destroy, and that no one will get hurt if they are not targeted, though many innocent things got destroyed and many guiltless children were crying for the loss of their guiltless relatives. That’s what Hamad feared, the ...

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...h leads to losing the imagery of the reader trying to get convinced and persuaded, interrupting the interest sometimes as well.
In conclusion, I have learned that some humans may hate each other after the fear founded between them, this fear is founded on old behaviors and sometimes fake stories told about the community, culture, or religion one is derived from, without having a hand with any bad thing that happened to ruin his/her origin, but they are the victim of the people’s fear toward different cultures of the same race, this fear shall not be allowed to get in and should be fought for the good of humans and peaceful life. The two personal experiences added some flavor to my knowledge about fighting fears, this flavor is contained in more experience about fear and its types, ways of fighting it, and how to fight fears that build bad connections between people.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how hamad feared the loss of his loved ones in the merciless war because of what he used to hear.
  • Analyzes how hamad reflected the feelings people felt toward the death sounds in a great way, using good words to describe the fears of people through words.
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