Fayol And Mintzberg's Theory Of Effective Management

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Effective management of any business or company are vital for the well-being of both the company, and the employees of that company. Management implement the company’s objective through their use of other people. Thus it is vital that the people in charge sufficiently direct their employees to carry out the desired tasks in the desired the following essay, I will look at the best ways to manage people, drawing on the relevant theory, including on how to motivate people, and look at the key skills and attributes necessary for a good manager.
There are many theories into what constitutes effective management. One such theory was devised by Henri Fayol. Fayol believed in authority and its implementation. He believed business could be divided up into six smaller divisions. These divisions were: purchasing, production, sales, finance, accounting and admin. These divisions would be controlled by separate managers. Fayol thought that these divisions should be controlled by managers with 5 functions.
These function included Planning, wherebythe manager should look towards the future, make reasonable predictions and set goals. The manager
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They must ensure that the company is run effectively, and this must be done by carrying out a number of roles. Both Fayol and Mintzberg put forward two theories into managers; Fayol’s theory based traits that people could learn, with Mintzberg’s favouring a more emplot=yee based approach. Idealy i believe manager should be a mixture between the two-they should be able to be authoritian, ensuring that the company or team reaches it goals, while ensure the employees are properly motivated. This motivation comes from ensuring that the employees have job satisfaction, and thus managers myst actively work to help their employees achieve this. All of this contributes towards effective management, and results in productive employees, ultimately resulting in the company
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