Fault In Our Stars Essay

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Can it Relate? (An Evaluation on Fault in Our Stars and how it relates to Aristotle Poetics on three categories.) Aristotle was an opinionated man. He created an essay people would look to; when it came to drama he thought there was only one way to have a good story, which was a tragedy. There are many films that are considered to be a tragedy, but the one that has recently touched the lives of many is Fault in Our Stars. The story starts out with a young teenage girl who has terminal cancer. She is on a drug that is sustaining her life, but she is inevitably going to die. “‘All things are born to be diminished,’ the heroic city no less than the tragic hero.” (Knox) Her life was going to end. She was almost waiting for her death and not living…show more content…
There will be a moment when in Fault in Our Stars when you connect with the people in the movie. You see all the terrible things that happen to them and you can’t help, but feel fear and pity. What if that was me? What if I had cancer? There are questions that run through our head as people try to comprehend what is going on. “Tragedy manipulates the emotions of fear and pity; Revelation, primarily fear and resentment.” (Collins) The questions begin to manipulate what we think. During Fault in Our Stars there is a moment when you realize that someone will die. Throughout the movie you have an idea that someone will die, but you still are feeling extremely scared and sad for what is to come for the pair. It has to be someone we can connect to. “Since the first is felt for a person who’s misfortune is underserved and the second for someone like ourselves.” When it comes to people we have to be able to relate to the person, but still be able to separate each other. In Fault in our Stars, there are two people who you see as strong, and in your heart you know that it could be you, but you also feel as if it couldn’t be you. However, when you get the true catharsis is when you look at them and see yourself. “A person or group of people can suffer real damage, real distortion, if the people or society around them mirror back to them a confining or demeaning or contemptible picture of themselves.” (Markell) You have to be able to relate to the person in order to truly feel fear for the people and pity. We know that cancer can happen, so we tend to feel towards the two characters and hope that it won’t happen to

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