Fathers And Sons By Ivan Turgenev

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The novel Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev follows the story of several characters in mid 19th century Russia. The novel touches upon some of the most important themes happening within Russia during this time. In the beginning of the story we are introduced to Nikolai Petrovitch Kirsanov and his servant Piotr. A noble by birth, Nikolai Petrovitch is the son of a Russian general who distinguish himself in the war against Napoleon in 1812. Like his father, he got a commission in the army but shortly after got a leg injury that forced him to leave service. With the leg injury his father sends him to university where he graduates and goes on to marry the daughter of a landlord and had a son named Arkady Nikolayevich Kirsanov. Currently, we find him waiting for his son to return home from his studies at the university of St. Petersburg 's.Arkady arrives and greets his father. He introduces his friend Yevgeny Vassilievitch Bazarov who he has an important relationship with. While traveling by coach to the farm, Nikolai tells his son about the problems with the peasants not paying their rent. He complains about the newly hired workers and tells him that the farm is mostly the same as it was before except that Nikolai took a mistress of a lower rank named Fenichka. Nikolai believes that this will hurt his son but is shocked by his openness about the issue. When the coach begins to travel on their land Arkady looks out and is dismayed by the level of ruin that has fallen upon his land. The first 3 chapters give a theme of excitement for the return of Nikolai son and also a theme changing times referring to serfdom in chapter 1 Nikolai refers to the servant as being a man of a new improved generation. We continue to see themes about ser... ... middle of paper ... ...different chapters. The character that I identified with the most was Nikolai being that I lived in a similar time of change his being more social my being more technological in nature. As for the concept of nihilism, I would disagree with it being that feelings are hard to control and important to the human experience. The concept I feel is not compatible with being a doctor like Bazarov because doctors abide by certain principles and moral to do their job. I agree with some of the criticism of the book that it became popular because of the end Nicolas the first reign which introduced many repressive measures. Under Alexander, the second censorship was relaxed allowing for books like this to be printed and also because the book was talking about a current issue affecting Russian society. I also agree that the book is about the struggle about conflicting generations.
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