Fate and Choice in Sophocles Writing

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It seems as if Bernard Knox is inside Sophocles mind when he states that tragedy deals with, “the problem of man’s true stature, his proper place in the universe” because in Oedipus the King Oedipus is unable to control the situations he is put in but is accountable for his crimes. Fate plays a major role in the tragedy because Oedipus does not have control over the statements of the Oracle, even if he believes otherwise. Also the flaw of Oedipus that he believes he has certainty of knowledge because of how he was come to be raised is a result of fate and something he could not control. Lastly though, Oedipus must be held accountable for the crimes he has committed which were only fault of his own. There were things Oedipus could not grasp and is innocent of but there were things he must be tried guilty for. From conception the Oracle has been a factor in Oedipus’ life. He was destined to kill his Father, Laius, and because of his parents attempts to change this prophecy it ultimately doomed them. The prophecy told to Oedipus by the Oracle said that he would kill his father and ma...
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