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Fate does it really exist? That has always been a question to the world. People always think about fate and what’s meant of it. Can people escape their fate and is there such a thing as fate. Fate is supposed to be about what’s meant to be will always be a that there’s no way to stop it. There has always been a contradiction that if it’s actually fate or is it just the outcome of your decision. There’s also that question if it’s possible to change fate. Fate takes part in the Beowulf, Odipouse and in Macbeth. Beowulf is an epic poem that was composed by an unknown person in the 8th century. We see fate happen in Beowulf’s battles. When he fought Grendel the monster that killed men for fun. Till the day that Beowulf got there, there hadn’t been anyone able to kill him no matter how brave they were he was still much stronger than them. Beowulf being a regular human just like the others was able to kill him. Grendel’s fate was to die by a hero with the thought of saving innocent people from death and not really interested in what came from it. The last battle was with a dragon and it...
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