Fasting Benefits

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Fasting is an act of reduction from either certain or all types of food and drinks for a period of time. It can not only reduce your weight but propose wider health benefits if done correctly. Health experts don’t usually recommend fasting because it’s believed that your body will break down your muscle tissue for energy. But contrary to popular belief, there’s no evidence that fasting for as long as 72 hours reduces your muscle mass. It can take out the amount of stomach acid you have, which digests food and eliminates bacteria. However, thoughts of eating or smell can send messages to the brain tell the stomach to produce more acid, which could result to heartburn. People who usually take medicine for indigestion – such as antacids, antihistamines or proton pump inhibitors – are recommended to continue taking them. A good time to do this would be with the pre-dawn meal. Fasting can’t but at the same time can be dangerous. Everyone is different so their body works differently than others. Therefore fasting will either have a good or a bad effect on you if you tried fasting. On the other hand people do fasting for religious purposes. For example, their religion might require its followers to practice fasting. Management of heartburn or belching can be aided by eating in moderation and avoiding oily, deep-fried or very spicy food. Reducing your caffeine consumption and to stop smoking can also benefit. Preparations such as peppermint oil may help reduce belching or abdominal discomfort. Sleeping with your head rose on a few pillows and long-term weight loss may also help prevent heartburn. If someone was to practice fasting, it would be important for them to do it the correct way. There can be dangerous consequences to fasting if... ... middle of paper ... ...fferent techniques for purging or bingeing, some being safe others being unsafe. For example, there are two different types of ways of bulimia, purging and non-purging. Neither of these types is safer than each other, either way someone is still ridding their body of excess food. There are a lot signs of bingeing in an individual. For example, frequent acts of uncontrollable binge eating. If he/she gets mad or angry before or after bingeing could be a sign. Lastly, people who have binge eating disorder have hard times dealing with feelings of guilt, disgust with themselves, and sometimes depression. For some people, they try to stop binge eating, but feel like they can’t. Some effects of binge eating can lead to a lot of problems for someone, such as physical, emotional, or even social problems. In worst case scenario, an individual could have thoughts of suicide.
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