Fast Food Popularity in Qatar

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Introduction Nowadays, fast food has become more popular because many people depend on eating fast food in their daily life. Also, the food that cooked in restaurants, is delicious and appeals people of all ages. Many people like to eat fast food more than the homemade food because it is easy to buy and fast to eat. In my country, Qatar, people love to eat fast food and this is bad for their health. It can lead to healthy problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Consequently, I chose this topic as I think it is very essential for people to know the bad effects of fast food. Also, I decided to make a survey to know why people like to eat fast food, how often they consume fast food in their lives and how much they spend on fast food per week. Survey Findings The survey was completed on 6th October by 28 respondents. It was hard to analyse some answers especially for males, because some of them did not answer with truthfulness. Only (14%) of respondents were males, so the majority of the respondents were females where the total percentage was 86%.In addition, people who do the survey were 85% Arabs and 15% Non – Arabs of different age groups, so majority of the respondents were aged 17-19 (61%). I used Google to do my survey and to send it, I used the Blackberry and Blackboard. Two of the males said that they enjoy eating fast food, compared with the ten of females who said the same response. Almost all everyone enjoy eating fast food. Males like McDonald’s, Hardees and KFC were 25%.On the other hand, females like McDonald are mostly were 31%. Both of genders chose those restaurants because of good service, which were 75%. Those who chose it for being cheap were 50%.... ... middle of paper ... ...oy eating fast food were more than the males as I concluded from the survey.Moreover, this experience was very interesting for me since I learned a lot of information. Also, I was surprised by different answers from respondents as I expected different results in the survey. Furthermore, I was hoping more responses, especially from men to be this study more accurate. Finally, this project allowed me to gain more experience in doing surveys. Also, I benefited from it on the personal level as I’m better now at summarizing and writing project reports. It will help me to develop my writing in the future. The problem that I faced in the project was the choice of the topic. I think that I chose somewhat complicated topic as I did not have enough information about it. In future, I will be more careful when choosing the topic that I have to get more accurate information.

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