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Outline Template for Persuasive Speech Name: Natalie Miller Topic: The evolution of the fast-food industry Thesis Statement: To persuade fellow students in COMM 1313 to avoid fast-food, so that they can avoid unhealthy weight gain, save money, and start supporting local restaurants. Attention Getter: Between 2007 and 2012, a number of cities have seen at least a 50 percent increase in fast food restaurant outlets (About the Atlas). The types of cities and towns that are seeing the largest increase are areas with an increase in population, poverty or immigrants. Ethos Statement: I have been researching this topic for a month now. Relevance Statement: As a college town, Fayetteville is one area that has seen a huge rise in fast food options.…show more content…
There is also more room to incorporate protein and veggies into your meal. A lighter option like sushi can be that fun fix that is a healthier alternative but also something that you can easily mix up and make new. If you just cannot stray from your favorite chain, take a look at what they have to offer. There are many diamonds in the rough that people do not realize, like Wendy’s Apple Pecan salad. Think about proportions and recognize when you shouldn 't eat a full serving The idea that you should only eat as much meat as fits your palm, or pasta should not exceed a clenched fist. These visual aids can help individuals eyeball how much they truly should be eating Just because you bought a large soda does not mean you need to drink the whole thing in one day, and just because you have 12 chicken nuggets does not mean that if you only eat 6 for lunch and safe the rest for another meal you are wasteful. You’re actually the opposite, and saving yourself

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