Fast Food Is The Blame For Obesity Essay

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Fast Food is the blame for obesity
“Why are Americans so fat?” Almost 36 percent of men and women are obese. Not just overweight or fat, but OBESE. That percentage is about to increase within a couple of years, because fast-food establishments are popping up on every corner. The amount if calories in a simple burger is crazy. Americans should blame fast food restaurants because they have cheaper food prices, larger proportion sizes, and it is more convenient.
“For a dollar extra you can have a large fry and a drink with your Bacon Deluxe Double burger, would you like that?” This is how they trap you into getting larger things for a cheaper price. Some establishments like Burger King charge you the same price for a small, medium, and large drink;
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Fast food is more convenient, which allows you have variety of foods to choose, without spending all of that time waiting for food to finish cooking in the kitchen, while you are starving. When you constantly have a “quick grab food,” you will soon to see a decrease of energy. This is because your body is slowing down from all the body fat that you are obtaining from the fast-food restaurants. In greater detail, we are going to break fast food convenience into social classes. For the wealthier people, they tend to be leaner, simply because they can afford the top of the line healthy stuff. Following them is the below poverty people, because they cannot really afford food and if they could, they would cook it. Finally, we have the middle class people who is the most obese because it is something they can eat and go. Fast-food has become the most valued “dinner stop” for middle class people. In October 2015, the US government predicted that 75% of Americans would be overweight by 2020. That is more than half of the United States of American. That means we have a major issue that needs to be fixed, but without the coperation of the fast food industries, I highly doubt something will be…show more content…
I am still talking about fast food establishments, but this is the heart of lowering the rates of obesity. When you exercise it is a reminder of how hard you have to work off that burger you ate for lunch or that milkshake you devoured for breakfast. For example, if you just ate a Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe Double burger with a large frosty, that is 1,420 calories total that you have now gained. If you walked three miles per hour, you are not even burning off frosty you just had, you only burned 399 calories. So if you continue to visit the fast food establishments daily sooner or later it you will be more obese. Your health is all based on you. It’s your choice to get up and exercise and lose the weight, it’s not the FAST- FOOD establishment that causes YOUR obesity it is yourself. Although, it also reduces you risk of having any health conditions and