Fast Food Chains Are So Popular

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Although fast food chains have been around since the 1920s, the fast food industry took off in the 1990s during the economic boom (Schlosser, 2001). Since this time, the industry has grown into one of the most successful industries. Fast food chains are so popular due to their convenience and their low prices. McDonald’s is known for its “dollar menu” and kids toys. As a child, the fast food industry tries to reel you in. Why would the industry worry about kids? Kids are not the ones paying for it. The children demand to get the food from their parents and they do not stop until they get what they want. A McDonald’s commercial plays on the television and shows the newest toy that is offered with a purchase of the Happy Meal. A kid is instantly hooked for the toy, not the food. A parent will take their child to McDonald’s since it is a decent meal for cheap. On average the price of a meal at a restaurant is $12.75. If a family of five goes out to dinner, the cost will be $63.75. On a different scale, going to McDonald’s or a fast food chain will be much less. A meal is only around $5 or $6. Almost all families tend to choose fast food over a nice restaurant seeing that prices are more expensive at sit down restaurants. With the amount of times families go out to eat, the children are being highly affected. The fast food industry reels children and their parents into buying their unhealthy food which contributes to childhood obesity through advertisements, unhealthy amounts of poor ingredients, and the cheap prices. Capturing the audience’s attention, advertisements find a way into almost everyone’s homes. Whether the advertisements are heard on the radio, on the television, or handed out through flyers, advertisements have great i... ... middle of paper ... ...ood industries know that their food is not the best tasting or the best for one’s health, but in order to mass produce poor ingredients and unhealthy procedures create the food in no time. Without fast food restaurants in America, the country would be healthier and kids would not be suffering with obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic as kids are becoming unhealthy at such young ages. They are developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure just because of what they are putting into their body. Obesity would not be completely solved if fast food restaurants did not exist since there are still unhealthy ingredients included in foods that are bought at the store, but it would be a start to a healthier America. Childhood obesity rates are steadily increasing because of advertisements, addiction to unhealthy amounts of poor ingredients, and cheap prices.

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