Fast Food And Obesity Essay

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Fast Food and Obesity In a world with over 7 billion people and vastly increasing. Having enough food for all of these people is a worldwide concern. Especially when most people don’t have enough money to get the food that they absolutely need. This is when fast food becomes a huge problem. Fast food causes obesity because it 's unhealthy, pricing, convenience, and proportions Fast food is one of the most unhealthiest thing to eat. The reason why fast food is so bad for you is the amount of fat that is in each item on the menu. In the article Unfriendly and Unhealthy by Stender, he explains examples of the fat content in fast food places, “In these meals the total fat content varies from 41 to 65 g at McDonald’s and from 42 to 74 g at KFC”(pg…show more content…
In the article Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control by explains by Sperber, he explains, “McDonald 's is currently following growth leader Wendy 's with extensions of its EveryDay value menu, most recently testing 20 items under $1”( pg 1).this quote helps the understanding that fast food is cheap,because you can order over 20 items off the dollar menu. This is a lot cheaper than getting a salad because, there are no salads on the dollar menu. In the article Healthy Choices Can Make A Difference by Mariah Johnson, she states, “Lower-income families are more likely to eat unhealthy fast food because fresh fruits and vegetables are usually expensive, while refined grains and sugar products are cheaper”(pg 1). This quote shows that the prices of fast food causes obesity because fast food is cheap, and family that don 't have enough money are more likely to eat fast food. If fast food restaurants made healthier items, or salads at a lower price, the world 's obesity rate would decrease…show more content…
In the article Unfriendly and Unhealthy by Stender he states, “At least two important features of fast food could explain why fast food is fattening, namely, large portion sizes and high-energy density. It is well established that the bigger the portion size, the more we consume”(pg 2). This quote shows that fast food restaurants are giving larger portions than they should be, which increases the chances of becoming obese. Another quote that helps support the idea that fast food portions are larger than they should be is, “A major source of increased serve sizes in the US can be found at fast-food outlets. Names such as Monster Mac, Mega Mac, BK Big Fish, Big Foot, Dominator, Jumbo Combo, Big Bacon Classic and Big Beef Taco reflect the growing size of fast foods”(pg 1). This quote helps the understanding that fast food portions are way too large for one person. Portions of fast food restaurants are steadily increasing, hence why they 're starting to name them monster, mega, big, and jumbo. All of this prefixes conclude that those meals are giant. When going to a fast food restaurant, eat only half of your meal, because it 's dividing your calorie intake by half which is a lot considering meals at fast food restaurants are over 1000 calories. The proportions are way too big, and each meal has way too many calories, which isn 't helping obesity in the

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