Fast Food Advertising Analysis

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Fast food restaurants have became a routine matter of life in America. Americans eat more fast food than other food due to lifestyle and the way fast food restaurants are marketed to target their audience. Fast food restaurants in America seem to be convenient, cheap, and taste good, however, they can be a harm to the consumers’ health and body. When people choose between healthy food, fast food or time; they rather buy food from fast food because people think it is cheaper and there will be more money left to pay bills or there is no time to make homemade food, but what they don’t know is that the quality of food in fast food is poor and can lead to obesity and other serious health problem. Behind those tasty fast food advertisings, the type…show more content…
All the ads they advertise is to target children, and young adult. They use different sources out there to accomplish with their target, and keep their attention and interest in what they advertising. This help fast food chains to make children to eat junk food. Kelly D. Brownell, who is a psychology professor at Yale University, explains, how school and educational agencies prefer to make profit by advertising unhealthy food than to help kids to eat healthier. Kelly D. Brownell notes that children are exposed to this type of advertising that does not help with their diet. She also states that 69 percent of Channel One’s commercials were about food products, by research gathered over a four-week period. Other studies have proven that how fast food restaurants market, it actually work. Brownell reveals that 40% of parents report that their children ask them to go to Mcdonald’s at least once a week: 15% of preschoolers ask to go every day, 84% reported taking their child to a fast food restaurant at least once a week: 66% reported going to Mcdonald’s in the past week. Another sources fast food chains use are television, cartoons, toys, websites, etc. to target children to unhealthy food. Janice Shaw Crouse, who is the Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye, establishes that fast food spends a lot of money on this kind of advertising to target children to buy junk food. She also says that over 12 million children visited…show more content…
Low-income families have no choice, when it comes between either pay bills or have something to eat. It seems that for these low-income families, buying meals in fast food restaurant is cheaper. So that way they have some money left to afford to pay bills. Children learn as much as they see from their parents, and the lifestyle parents live every day make them choose to go to a fast food restaurant on the way home. Parents do not see the harm they are giving to their children because they are getting used to what they learned from their parents. And if they want to give a better understanding to their children how unhealthy are these fast food restaurants, parents need to put this in practice. Parents need to change their lifestyle in order to make children eat healthier. The way fast food restaurants are marketed will make children, and young adult to be interested in what they sell. Sometimes parents can’t afford to buy a new toys for their children, so they go for the cheaper kids meal that will make their children happy for sure. Fast food restaurants use different sources to attract their audience, and most likely is to attract the youth people by using advertising on television, websites, etc. Even when the customer tries to go for the healthy food such as a salad, they do not know that a salad is not as healthy as they think. Everything that a fast food restaurant sells will appear cheap and healthy
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