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Always in a rush, trying to get from one place to another, and not being able to make it home for dinner are some of the ways people turn to fast food to keep them satisfied. Fast food is okay upon occasion but it is not the least bit nutritious for anyone; it is extremely unhealthy and fattening, that is why four percent of the world’s population is overweight and three hundred thousand are clinically obese (Banzhaf 162). Both the people and fast food restaurants are at fault of obesity, but it should be the responsibility of the people, especially Americans, to keep in shape and defend themselves instead of constantly being presented as the “obese country.” It seems to be that fast food is notorious for its concentration of fats,…show more content…
It is believed that the standard serving size is about the size of one’s fist, and yet, fast food restaurants give meals that are four times larger than it was in the 1950’s (Serving Sizes Around the World). Some of us really do not know how to control ourselves around food in general. Watching serving size and keeping a diet is a good way to stay healthy and in shape. Other countries around the world, much like Asia have much smaller plates and bowls which in turn helps them eat smaller portions to maintain their body weight and shape. From personal experience, in Europe, particularly in Poland, there are about five meals a day, but the portions are smaller than average and people walk everywhere; there are very little to no obese people in Poland, and it is rare to find someone even overweight at the least bit. Our country should attempt to take on a European lifestyle to reduce obesity and illness rates. Portion control is not an extreme at all, it is just watching what one consumes and how much of it is consumed per meal. It is a good habit to obtain when eating fast food and even when eating regularly, because it can regulate the body’s systems and help get into routine. In the past, it was rare to find obesity in other countries, now it is getting to the point where there is a presence of obesity in those countries that have been healthy for ages, but ever since there was a mass eruption of fast food restaurants all over the world, people are more tempted than ever to consume the things that they have not had

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