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ast food is exactly how it sounds: food that can be quickly produced for a simple meal. Although they may be satisfactory, they are anything but healthy. Eating fast food is appetizing which is one of the main reasons it is so popular. Not only does it taste good to many, but it is inexpensive, too! America is the number one place for fast food. There are over 160,000 fast food restaurants in the United States and over 50 million Americans are served fast food daily. The frequency of eating fast food is also a problem because according to 44 percent of Americans confessed to consuming fast food once per week. What people do not realize is the harm that fast food is doing to their body. Not only is fast food a high-calorie diet, but it is also very fattening. The main problem with fast food is, of course, obesity. Consuming this poorly nutritious food is a really bad decision.
If eating fast food cannot be resisted, try taking a healthier option. There rarely is such a thing as “healthy” fast food considering the majority of it is “low in nutrition and high in trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, and calories.” (Paul, Maya. “Healthy Fast Food.” Helpguide. May 2014.) In order to make healthy choices at fast food restaurants, you need to set your mind to tell your body not to eat little things just because they “taste good.” Avoid food if it is deep-fried, breaded, crispy, or creamy. Most likely this is an unhealthy choice. Stay away from soda. Just drink water instead. In a 32-oz cola there can be over 400 calories. Try not to add certain spreads or dressings that can be packed with calories. As a side to your dish get a salad or vegetables rather than fries. A few things to absolutely avoid are buffets, supersized p...

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...ertising Agencies (AAAA) is currently editing the guidelines of fast food advertising because the advertising is “unhealthy” to kids.
Health concerns are a big issue when talking about fast food. Many fast food items are fried. This means that they tend to be high in fat as well as sodium. Not only are they high in unhealthy categories, but they are low in the healthy ones such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This is a concern because many fast food places offer supersized proportions. Just by consuming one supersized meal, you could have already met the suggested calorie intake for the entire day. On top of that, you will hardly have any of the nutrients your body needs. This shows how dangerous fast food really is to your body. Fast food is blamed on for causes of obesity and diabetes. Since fast food is becoming even more popular, so are these health concerns.

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