Fashion of the Times

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Before America was America, and before the settlers had their colonies, the people that were to become the first residents of Jamestowne wore clothes of the Queen. No, they didn’t wearing the clothing made by the Queen or for the Queen, nor did they wear the clothes straight off her back. The Elizabethan style, named after the Queen Elizabeth, is simply the clothing that came into style when she became heir.

The original settlers of Jamestown, though under the reign of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin and heir- James I, the fashion they wore was still that of the Elizabethan era. During the Elizabethan Era, a law was instated called Sumptuary Law that limited the range of clothing the male and female residents could wear. These laws stated that certain fabrics and colors were to only be used by the rich, or by people of a certain status. An example would be the combination of silk and the color purple which had been being reserved for the King, the Kings mother, children, brethren and uncles while restricting people of poor status to clothing that was made out of wool, linen and sheepskin and had to lack the vibrant dye jobs of the more privileged. The dye the people of the “wool” status got were brown, beige, yellow, orange, and etc. (Era). These restrictions meant that the settlers, who were gentlemen birthed in aristocracy families, were probably wearing clothes made out of matters better then wool but not as good as silk, maybe cotton, which was not allowed to be dyed crimson, violet, purple, or deep blue.

As a result of the birth, the gentlemen were allowed to wear such things but as as a result of their birth the 105 men coming to the settlement were the type of men that may not have made any sense to be recruited to go on such ...

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...ust for fashionable reasons. With the lack of materials that this Colony has demonstrated, at times, it would make sense for them to naturally start dressed with less emphasis on the details and more on the body and the benefits it provided the body, especially since agriculture was the main way of life.

Though separated by a great pond, the people of Jamestown were influenced greatly by their homeland and by their new land when it came to their clothing. But, having gone through unpredictable events such as the large amounts of lost lives and extreme weather, the needs overpowered the wants and fashion became more of a clothing.. So, as a result, a lot of the stuff that was made was of a style that was similar to that of Europe, making it easier on the people in the settlements to get a hold of the clothing while also making it easier to get the clothing around.
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