Fashion Marketing Assignment: E-Tailing And Fast Fashion Brands

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MA Strategic Fashion Marketing Assignment’ Liao I-Han < Alice >

Brand loyalty is disappearing and consumers look around for the best deal based on price, quality, convenience or brand awareness. E-tailing and ‘Fast Fashion’ are crucial in the development of fashion marketing. They bring numerous benefits such as low cost, fresh design, quick response and greater efficiency in meeting consumer demand, however, at the same time, driving environmental issues.

1. E-tailing

Over the last few years, the Internet has become the main retail distribution channel. It’s also an appealing channel for fashion goods since it not only provides an excellent means for fashion retailers to display their up-to-date lines via photographs, video and sound technology,
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Fast Fashion

The fast fashion brands and retailers successfully embrace quickly changing tastes among their customers, aiming to become the most popular and up-to-date topic in the fashion industry. They bring new trending styles to the market, and the inspiration comes from the catwalks of fashion weeks or celebrity magazines. The creation, marketing and selling of fast fashion products has become big business for high-street retailers and is putting a lot of pressure onto established fashion brands as they struggle to keep pace with quickly changing demand.

Zara is the best and the most successful embodiment of fast fashion. There are some key elements to their achievements seen in the business model. Instead of trying to create demand for new trends in the summer and winter seasons using the catwalks of fashion shows, Zara studies the demands of customers in stores and then tries to deliver appropriate designs at lightning speed. Production is deliberately carried out in small batches to avoid oversupply. While there is some replenishment of stock, most lines are replaced quickly with more new designs rather than with more of the same, helping to create scarcity value. An entirely new Zara garment takes about five weeks from design to delivery and a new version of an existing model can be in shops within two weeks. Zara does not employ star designers but often unknowns, many of whom are recruited directly from top design schools. Zara is also parsimonious with advertising
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First, they must increase production and creation speed as fashion brands have compressed traditional seasonal cycles into a couple of weeks. Fast fashion brands are increasingly manufactured within close proximity to their headquarters for geographical convenience. This makes it easy to get new items made and in the hands of consumers as quickly as
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