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Why I Chose this Topic
Sparkly tops, cozy pants; we never know where they come from. Maybe a kid made them under horrible conditions, you never know. My mom used to buy a lot of Gap clothes, but during 2005 she stopped. I was little so I didn’t understand, but my oldest sister did. Some rumors were going around that Gap made kids work. They forced them to produce clothing , only gaining one cent per month, they were paid less than adults. Kids were sewing and packaging the clothes. When my sister became an adolescent she started getting picky about clothing. She always wanted to dress like everyone, and the brand trendy new handbag of year was part of it. Living in Paris during a part of her teen years made her very picky and critical over how people were dressed. Paris is known for being a very influential city on fashion. I shop a lot, and Gallerie Lafayette is one of my favorite places. They have some very famous designer brands, and some very expensive prices too. On Christmas, all of Paris’s shop windows were decorated with moving dolls, created by Karl Lagerfeld. When I shop for outfits, I never know where they come from. Despite the fact I can’t know who made it, I can still know the history behind it.With all the things I know, I hope my presentation will turn out great. Learning about this topic more deeply will also help in life. At first, I didn’t what topic to choose, when Fashion popped out of my head I was very ecstatic. Being able to share something I am truly passionate about with the class is exciting.

The Search
The search to gather important and valuable information was alright.
My book had a high reading level and the writing was very small, but I made it work. Wikipedia was a very good source for me. 100 Y...

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...ta Hayworth were big influences. The models in the 40’s and earlier years were usually actresses. As you can see in movies, all those fashionable trends and hairstyles were shown. Then came Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell , and Heidi Klum who each built their own paths to get where they are now. Before came Twiggy a supermodel.
As you can see from years to years the industry progressed.The clothing people wore showed how wealthy they were. Now we have brands, only a few people can afford.On red carpets we can see celebrities wearing the most extravagant clothes, with expensive prices. Fans usually want to look like them, to have the some body, haircut, and style. Some people also think that more you spent money on yourself, the more it makes you better. The money doesn’t make the person, the person makes the money. You can dress well without spending tons on your clothes.

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