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Fascism may be described as an extreme right-wing movement in the form of a radical authoritarian nationalism. Fascism was first created in Italy by Mussolini in 1922 to 1943. Mussolini implemented force wherever necessary to ensure the continuation of the controlling environment he was trying to perfect. The Italian government was endeavouring to control nearly all aspects of life and had completely thrown the private and public spheres of life out of balance. A fascist state needs a strong leader who can motivate the nation to feel a huge sense of nationalism and thus increase the army’s size, have a nostalgia for the past, show a hatred of communism, no opposition parties or even perhaps create a scapegoat of the opposite party. A fascist state would also require state control over production and major banks to ensure control. In the beginning of 1933 when Adolf Hitler was given the chancellorship he began implementing these fascist ideals into the German society through propaganda speeches, passing legislation that banned certain practices and ignoring the binding clauses of the Treaty of Versailles and rebuilding the army to its former glory. Many historians have argued that the Nazi ruled Germany was a fascist state. This report will show that Nazi Germany was infact a fascist state in regards to women, children and the control of the government. The treatment of women during the Nazi’s regime is a clear indication of the fascist approach that the Nazis were trying to push upon the country. The Nazis, and predominantly Hitler, believed that women should first and foremost take on the roles of a mother and wife above all else. This ideal is based on the words of Dr Goebbels “The mission of women is to be beautiful and to b... ... middle of paper ... ... Jews, communists, intellectuals and any other people they believed opposed the regime. Block wardens were placed in nearly every apartment to spy on normal people and report anything remotely suspicious to a Nazi official and thus this created confusion and mistrust in society as well as many broken societal bonds. This put the people of Germany into a panicked state and thus the chaotic people turned to the only thing the remained constant: the government. It was by means of terror-inflicting military groups, propaganda and new laws in regards to women and children’s education the Nazis implemented a fascist regime upon Germany. The nostalgia for the past female roles, propaganda in education, use of terror to control society, removal of enemies of the state, nationalism and ignoring of personal freedoms serve as huge indications of Germany being a fascist state.

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