Fascades of Current Society

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Throughout history women, men, and children have all felt the pressures and manipulations by the media through some façade style form or shape. A Façade by definition is a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect, which is primarily imposed or placed on an object, group, or even individual. Through the use of words, deliberate images, and material items advertised within society, as a result have become pressures felt by all types of individuals. Many of these pressures forced upon individuals, prevalent in society today, has in turn created a false sense of ideals and an artificial basis of reality. Men, women, and children all wear some form of a mask in a façade sense as an attempt of self defense against one another, which is clearly an affect of the media’s dominance. In turn, we are all targets and victims to the controlling media weather we realize it or not.
Advertisers have shaped and evolved our society from the beginning and has made it into what exists currently: It defines what it is to be a “Girl” or a “Boy”, even a man or woman, and images presented of these “supposed” ideal gender definitions have become the basis for our decisions made in our lives everyday. These pressures of social definitions overtake men, women, and children’s thoughts; some of which are feelings the having to look or act a certain way in order to be beautiful or accepted in this world severely obsessed with appearances as a basis for self-worth. From the clothes one chooses to wear or the product chosen to consume, all are somehow related to the media’s images seen in magazines, newspapers, internet, and television advertisements. Messages conveyed through all forms of common media known to contemporary man affects them subconsciously regardless of age, color, beliefs, or any aspect which many diversify one man from another, one woman from another woman, etc. Advertisers pursue knowledge of society’s defining aspects and embrace all diversities of individuals in order to be able to target their product or message to all these parties. Advertisers have been quite successful, but in part gave birth to an obsessive and consumptive society which has severely damaged the aspect of personal identity, especially among young women.
The idea of anyone wearing a type of meta...

... middle of paper ... Authors even depict their major and famous characters display the negative effects on physical and mental attributes from media based aspects. One way or another, the business world of advertising and marketing will find any way possible to affect individuals in a manner to benefit them. And even it means pressuring young girls to starve themselves, forcing them to wear a metaphorical mask of false beauty, all in order to sell, sell, sell.
This mask does not literally reflect what I personally wear metaphorically, but there are some themes which I admit have thought over. Nor do I deny that the media has brainwashed me along with everyone else, but at least I am able to recognize the problem society faces. The truth is girls and boys should not be obsessing what lies on their outsides, but rather what lies within. This inner beauty is what everyone needs to realize and get in touch with. There are so many other qualities within everyone and this is where true beauty lies. It is a beauty that wearing a mask of make-up of designed clothes cannot deny or illuminate, and lies within is a major part of ourselves which must be nourished and cultivated.
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