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Farming "Beep , beep, beep, " the alarm clock sounded. "Shoot another day at work" I thought. It is 5:30 and time to head off to work. I go into the shoe room and throw on my once worn set of clothes, which consist of a tee-shirt, sweatshirt, long johns, pants, and some winter boots. I also grab a coat on the way out. I opened the door and the cold wintry blast hit my pale face. "Damn it's cold", I thought to myself. I trudged through the two feet of crusty snow and hop into my 87' Ram 50 pick-up truck. "rue, rur, rur, whiinee " the engine started. "Yes" I thought, "I don't want to jump my truck this cold morning". I started down the road into what seemed like a dark oblivion with only my headlights to guide me through. I came to the first stop sign and almost slide through it. "Whew that was close!" I shouted to myself . I start up again, a little slower this time as hoping not to slide through another stop sign, I then realize my heater is starting to kick in. It's getting warm in my truck. ,it's comfortable though. I finally arrive at work and walk in. "Good afternoon" my boss states sarcastically. It's 6:00 in the morning and its still cold in the barn. I go into the silo room and start to fill up the corn cart. The room is off to the side of the barn so it is also freezing in this part of the barn. I roll the full cart onto the cement lane ,it seems really heavy in these early morning hours. I pull in front of the first cow and think "Oh yea only 59 more to go." I get done feeding corn and move on to feeding the mineral; this only takes about five minutes because I don't have to feed as much. Next I move on to feeding protein out of the cart this takes a little more time than mineral, b... ... middle of paper ... ... turn the first bolt and my wrench slips. "Ouch", I scream. "Whadidchya do?" my boss asks. " Hit my damn finger", I say. " Well don't slip off the burr and that won't happen." He instructs me. " Thanx" I said. We get the girder replaced and go in for a late afternoon dinner. I sit down and think, "warmth, ahh". Feeling begins to come back into my hands and they hurt from banging them several times on things. I eat the prepared meatballs and boiled potatoes with peas and carrots with rigorous vigor. "Will you pay me today please", I ask. "Sure", my boss says. I get my check and tell my boss and his family I'll see the tomorrow. I hop into my truck and finally start to go back home. I arrive home to find that my family has gone some where so I go in take a shower and proceed to call my buddy up on the phone to see where the party is at.

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