Fancying You So Much

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Gatlocke hears the room's door slide open from his dreams, and that's all it takes for him to wake up. He doesn't remember what he was dreaming of, he hardly ever does, but it's left him with a cold sweat over his skin, a tension in his chest, and a heavy weight in his gut. Not a good dream, for certain. But all of that dissipates as the mattress leans outward, supporting a second body. Gatlocke rolls over lazily, letting his arms fall open, and letting Rex fall into them. The latter hasn't bothered shedding any of his clothing, so it's filth on flesh since Gatlocke had chosen to sleep tonight in the nude, but he sympathizes. This place, Providence, is not unlike any other shmuck-run corporation that Gatlocke's sneered at in the past; it likes working its operatives to the bone. The dirt and grime don't bother him, and this is still a far cry from the hygiene of his old life. At least now he has a shower to step into come morning. "Welcome back" is the intended script he had ready; nothing fancy or witty or particularly meaningful, but it gets the message across, doesn't require too much thought, and he can slip back into a comatose slumber right after. It doesn't happen quite like that, though. The wetness on Rex is somewhat crusty, and warm to the point of being almost hot, and the scent that comes with it is unmistakable. So what comes out of Gatlocke's mouth instead is, "Are you bleeding?" "It's okay," Rex murmurs, the sentence is huffed warmly to the side of Gatlocke's neck. "It's not mine." Even as he says that, more of it is spilling around Gatlocke's waist, collecting where their combined weight makes the mattress dip. Rex's lack of movement does no better to ease any worry. "Rex," but Gatlocke has nothing to say af... ... middle of paper ... ...arallel, letting their noses touch and bump. The taste is of blood and unwashed mouth, but it's the feel that has Gatlocke prying-- the feel of response, of being kissed back. Rex exhales his name and Gatlocke inhales the breath. He's got one hand on Rex's chest, pushing firm over the heart beating there. The other is curved along Rex's neck, thumb steady against the pulse-point. Rex catches the drift, and begins grinning against the kisses, and Gatlocke pulls away before the boy can get too smug about it. But he takes a minute to appreciate the new blush of pink on a complexion that is now much closer to its normal color. "Best get your beauty sleep, before I stop fancying you so much." That one earns him a brief show of teeth in form of a goofy smile, and the lame little thing remains even after Rex closes his eyes. Gatlocke sits back down and lingers a while.
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