Famous Slave Revolts

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555 words

Imagine that you're in a cotton, field picking cotton in 98 degree weather, and every time you do something wrong, BAM! You get whipped. That was the everyday life of an African American back in the day. But when you hear about the topic of slavery, you might think about Nat Turner, Spartacus, or you might not. Any way, in this paper I’m going to answer the question that I want answered. And that question is: what were some famous slave revolts? Some famous slave revolts were: Nat Turner’s rebellion, Spartacus and the Third Servile War, and the Baptist Wat. I’m going to explain Nat Turner’s rebellion first.
Nat Turner lead one of the most famous and one of the bloodiest slave revolts in American history. Turner had prophetic visions that told him to gain his freedom by force ( “7 Famous Slave Revolts”). Turner and his associates killed his masters family while they were sleeping. After that, a small group of about seventy slaves killed over fifty whites with clubs. It took a militia force to put down the rebellion, and Turner and 55 other slaves were captured and later e...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nat turner's rebellion, spartacus and the third servile war, and baptist wat were famous slave revolts.
  • Explains how nat turner led one of the most famous and bloodiest slave revolts in american history.
  • Explains that spartacus led a massive slave-based army during the third servile war and was the largest and most successful slave rebellion in roman history.
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