Famous Negroe Baseball Players

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Famous Baseball Players The Roaring Twenties of this country was a time when the entire sports world blew up into the major worldwide business that it is now. Baseball was one sport that really profited from the country’s sporting obsession, and baseball became one of the most popular sporting events to attend. Not only was it a game played by adults but, it was also a family event that entire families could go to. By the beginning of the decade baseball had its first $100,000 deal when George Herman Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees for $125,000. The game became more than a game, it became a business. It was the emergence of the superstar, and players were making a living off of being a professional baseball player. Babe Ruth became more than a player he became an idol that was more noticeable than the President of the United States. Other superstar players emerged along with Ruth in the twenties, such players as Lou Gehrig, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, and Ty Cobb. They became players that were in a way bigger than the game. They became names that were common in households nationwide, and became heroes for young children to look up to and play after. The 1927 Yankees known as one of the best baseball teams ever were around with stars like Ruth, Gehrig, and Tony Lazerri, and is still considered one of the best teams ever assembled. This is the team that young little leaguers would play. Players were now accepting a whole new role as baseball players, becoming idols of children, and they started gaining the celebrity that some of the Hollywood stars did not even have. Babe Ruth’s impact on the game of baseball was almost as huge as his home runs. When Ruth entered the league it was in its fragile, fledgling stages, and the enormous awe-inspiring slugger brought the game back into its flashy superstar filled game that it was. Ruth was different than most stars of the league; he won the fans over with his charismatic, flashy, and frivolous lifestyle. Ruth’s play on the field was remarkable, hitting some of the most homeruns ever by player, and currently is second in all time homeruns. "The only real game, I think, in the world is baseball.“ Was said by Babe Ruth expressing his love for the game.

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