Famous Celebrities Essay

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Do you know any achievement of celebrities who are famous for IT? Bill Gates, Steve Jabs are very famous IT celebrities, but we don’t know their details of contributions in computer society. Many celebrities isn’t only the people who develop computer environment, but other computer scientists also improve the computer notation and technologies. Having personal computer, searching a lot of articles, and contacting to a friend are from anguishes of computer scientists. They had researched computer technologies and had thought about improving computer system. We usually call them to nerds who are only fascinated by computer. The nerds are respectful for effort of computer, brave challenge without guaranteed of success, and understanding ability…show more content…
We usually challenge or make a goal for a lot of benefits for the rest of life, but they didn’t do that. They only had interest for computer and wondered about producing a great system. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates also decided to take a risk which is breaking the school. They actually stopped their study at similar time and started to challenge computer work. Their results were impressive to the world and they became the most famous celebrities in IT. Taking a big risk was great to them and other computer scientists started to challenge by these success. They had a big benefits which are achieve amazing developing or economic success as their…show more content…
Many computer companies jumped up to make computers or computer programs, but a lot of companies fail to customers. Failed companies had had only effort for computer technology without understanding social trend. For good example, Steve Wozniak had a sense that was looking for trend technology and contributed a making personal computer system. In addition, Bill Gates also realized that computer technology had a vision and will be a driving force for a long time. As these celebrities, understanding or realizing the world trend takes a huge parts and is a one of ability which computer scientists should
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