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Famous Artwork It seems unbelievable that a small town in Pennsylvania called Bloomsburg would receive an enormous research grant in the amount of three million dollars for cultural enrichment. The unimaginable has happened though. A former student at Bloomsburg University named Ronald Wilson, President and CEO of United Trust, has presented a grant in the amount of three million dollars in order to move and reassemble four great works of art on Bloomsburg’s campus for the enrichment of the people that will pass through the town. Word was just released earlier this week that the four works of art to be moved to the area would be Michelangelo’s sculpture of “David”, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Stonehenge, and Rubens’ “The Garden of Love.” Michelangelo’s sculpture of “David” was one of the fine pieces chosen out of millions of works of art to be moved to Bloomsburg’s campus because many of the distinctive qualities of Michelangelo’s art are found in this sculpture of marble. This monumental statue of the High Renaissance, which will be placed on the green in front of McCormick, shows a hero of the Old Testament, David, in the moments right after he slayed Goliath with the stone and sling that are in his large hands. The slingshot that David used is slung over his shoulder, almost so that you cannot see it. This image emphasizes the idea that David’s victory was one of cleverness, not just sheer strength. David had thought about what he was going to do and knew that this was the right decision because of God. The life lesson that we hope will come across to people when they look at this statue is that if we choose God like David did, then we will win in the end with eternal life. Another very famous piece of artwork from the time of the High Renaissance will also be relocated to Haas Art Gallery in the small town of Bloomsburg. This work of art, an oil painting portrayed on panel is known as the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. The name means “My Lisa” and portrays the wife of a well – known banker who lived in Florence. Leonardo da Vinci does not make it obvious to the viewer what Lisa was like. The painting has a mysterious and hazy effect to it with a thin veil of smoke over her face.
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