Family is Crucial in Angela's Ashes by Frank M. McCourt

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Many people believe that the importance of family is crucial. The memoir Angela’s Ashes is written by Frank McCourt. It examines the poor upbringing and the relationships within the McCourt family during the 1930’s. Through the use of descriptive language, dialogue and characterisation, it supports and opposes various values including the importance of family and the impact it has on the relationships enclosed in the memoir. Family should be of the upmost importance. Through the use of characterisation Frank McCourt questions the significance of his family unit through the use of his selfish actions. In the text the father gets his first job and “Mam is happy”. Frank Senior does the right thing by getting himself a job to support his family. In 1930, Ireland Friday was payday “Mam is out of bed … cleaning … and singing” This is explicitly showing that the mother is a traditional housewife that is happy she doesn’t’ have to rely on charity. However, later on in the text, Mam has cooked dinner and is waiting for Frank to return home, but Frank does not come home until well after the p...

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