Family Therapy Essay

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Family counseling/therapy, also referred to as couple and family therapy or marriage and family therapy, is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families and couples that are involved in intimate relationships, find ways to encourage change and development in their relationship. Family counseling and therapy tends to view “change” as the structure of collaboration between family members. It underlines family relationships and family dynamics as a vital element in mental well-being of the family. Family counseling and therapy is turning into a regular type of treatment as changes in American culture are reflected in family structures. It has prompted two further improvements: couples therapy, which treats relationship issues between married…show more content…
For instance, structural family therapy takes a look at the family relationships, practices, patterns, and dynamics; and uses those patterns as they are displayed throughout the treatment process with a specific end goal to assess the family 's structure. In addition, counselors likewise look at subsystems inside of the family structure, for example, parental or sibling subsystems. Structural family therapy was composed by Salvador Minuchin, who utilizes "role playing" in the therapy sessions. Strategic family therapy looks at the family process and functions, for example, communication or problem solving patterns to see how the family operates outside of the therapeutic process. Helpful strategies during the sessions may incorporate reframing or rethinking the issue/situation; or utilizing interventions that recommend the family make a move that has all the earmarks of being contrary to their remedial objectives with a specific end goal to make the desired change. Psychoanalytic therapy takes a gander at the route impacts from the past shape the present family patterns. Humanistic/Existential therapy underlines connections inside of the family system and the counselor/therapist use themselves as tools while being warm, captivating and open. Narrative therapy views problems as separate from the clients, and centers people as the experts in their own…show more content…
Not at all like individual counseling and therapy, marriage and family counseling involves the counselor entering the couple 's lifestyle, bringing about positive change in their behavior and dynamic. The counselor is included in dissecting and offering criticism about the problems the couple is facing, and makes recommendations about approaches to enhance it. It is regularly viewed as more intense than individual counseling and therapy on the grounds that both partners are welcome to co-create the process of positive change. When using individual counseling and therapy for marital problems, the counselor does not receive a full picture of the couple’s marital interactions or provide both partners with techniques to address their contributions to the problems within the marriage. Being that marital problems tend to be occurring, both partners need to be a part of the therapeutic process in order to bring about changes for the better; and positive lasting changes for the marriage. Furthermore, for marriage and family counselors working with married couples, parts of the couples ' individual family dynamics comes about once both partners are openly communicating with one another during the therapeutic process. This type of counseling helps married couples speak about emotionally sensitive problems, which are
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