Family Therapy Essay

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The decision to embark on the journey to become a marriage and family therapist is commonly influenced by personal experiences that impact and transform an individual. My experience involves countless medical appointments, multiple misdiagnoses, and an extraordinary will to persevere. The culmination of this arduous experience was my son’s Autism diagnosis at the age of three, prior to this diagnosis I worked tirelessly to obtain the help my child my needed. Being a parent of a special needs child leaves little to no option of failing; hence my child has taught me to be strong, even in the most difficult and darkest times of my life. This experience inspired me to help other families and individuals encountering hardship. Choosing a path As…show more content…
I specifically chose to enter this program because of its emphasis on social justice and the training of culturally competent therapists. I am driven by my experiences in navigating the mental health field which is still predominantly White. I find that the field of mental health is in dire need of minority therapist who can relate to clients in underserved communities. Since, the difficulties I encountered as a client influenced my decision to become a therapist, I want to serve others in my community who are experiencing similar challenges. During the first years following my child’s diagnosis, I learned the importance of resilience and that with proper support anyone can be resilient. That is my hope as I enter this field, is that I am given the opportunity provide support to families, couples, and individuals facing adversity. I hope that I can serve others and reciprocate some of the help and support that my marriage and family therapist provided my family and…show more content…
I have navigated and “danced” with several techniques, but I still have to settle for a theory that I would like to further explore. I recognize that it take years of experience in this field to find a therapy that to conform to and practice regularly. Nevertheless, it is appropriate for therapists to be flexible and explore various therapy techniques in order to better serve the diverse client population. I would also like to continue attending workshops and conferences in order to keep learning about new ideas and promising new treatments. Simply, with less than 100 client-contact hours I am not ready to formally adhere to a
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