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Family Systems
Kandace L. Stocke
Liberty University

Family systems are the classrooms of life for children. Children observe behavior then apply thoughts, actions, and emotions to their own little worlds based on those observations. How different the world would be if high importance was placed on valuing the family? Good emotional health in childhood leads to whole, healthier choices in adolescence and adulthood. How we are raised, how we are nurtured in the formative years which, I have heard is infancy to 5 years because of how critical they are in development. These are some of the most vital years in self-identification which have the strongest bearings on who we become as adults. Therefore the family system is complex; we will discuss the development of healthy family systems and some of the characteristics of them in relationships. The four major parenting styles and their responses will be introduced and the impact those discipline styles have on children. We will also touch on how family systems affect development in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development of children. Lastly, a brief discussion of unhealthy family systems and the poor, as well as, damaging repercussions they have on the lives of their victims, the children.
Healthy Family Systems
A family is a unit made of parents, or a parent, and a child or children. The perspective of that has changed over the years especially since the 1950’s model of a father who is the provider and leader of the home; a mother who is responsible for being home with the children while the father leaves the home for work. We now have daycare, stay home dads, working moms, single parent homes, and grandparents functioning primary careg...

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...tion, September 2008) This thought is the reason why family therapy can bring a paradigm shift and stop the cycle of unhealthy parenting by shedding light on new pathways of connection between parents and their children. Remember we are all resilient, we can change.

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