Family Systems

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In order for children to develop in a healthy manner, it is crucial that their family system is secure and stable. To ensure that takes place, Victor Hinson, an instructor at Liberty University’s Center for Counseling and Family Studies, believes that families should adopt the concept of homeostasis. This is successful when each member of a family is aware of the role they play so that the “system” is functional ( In addition, Albert Bandura’s social-cognitive theory may also play a role in healthy development, which emphasizes that learning is accomplished through observing the behavior of others. On the contrary, there are instances where healthy development in children may be hindered, and addressing and examining the different types of parenting and how they disrupt the family system should also be defined. Last but not least, children who come from abusive families, including those with alcohol and drug problems, should also be discussed in terms of how those environments have negative impacts on the development of children. Healthy development in children can occur when a family system remains in a state of dynamic equilibrium. This is accomplished through homeostasis, or the roles assigned to every member of a family that are performed on a daily basis. For example, if parents enforce a curfew, it is expected that the child’s role in this situation will consist of them abiding by the rule of being home on time. If, for any reason, the child disobeys the curfew and chooses to arrive at a later time, it is clear that they violated their role in the family system and must suffer the consequences in return. In this case, the child clearly disrupted the equilibrium of the family, and if not ad... ... middle of paper ... ... not raised in a healthy family system, and unfortunately, do not develop as they should. If children are physically abused, they are more likely to suffer from headaches and may display an array of developmental delays. Usually, these children come from broken families, such as parents who experience marital problems to the poverty-stricken. It is essential that family systems operate in such a way as to benefit the healthy development of children. Homeostasis should serve as the foundation for maintaining family systems so that children will thrive in a healthy environment. Also, modeling positive behavior in the presence of children will also foster healthy development that will last a lifetime. On the other hand, uninvolved parents or those that engage in child abuse, will negatively impact the development of children and should be avoided at all costs.
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