Family System Theory: Biological Theories To Explain Abnormal Behavior

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Biological Perspective According to the biological perspective, dysfunction/abnormality is caused by a few different things. However, most problems are linked to specific dysfunctions in areas within the brain, such as issues with the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron. Biological perspective theorist, study the brain, immune system, nervous system, and genetics looking for problems, which can all. Lead to dysfunction/abnormality when not working properly. The main concepts this perspective uses to explain abnormality- Neurons, which is a never cell and the human brain are made-up billions of them. A neurotransmitter, is like the tube used in the banks to put your request in and then sent to the teller to let them know what you want. Abnormal behavior can occur when the process of the…show more content…
Group therapy, is like a night out with the ladies. An evening night out when the ladies take a break from motherhood and being a wife. And take the necessary need to let go of some stress and resolve any issues they may have. Sharing and supporting, is like a study group were students get together to focus on particular projects. While socializing and answering each other’s questions, as well as self-help. Self-help group, is like going to a weight watchers meeting online. At a weight watchers meeting online a person can find others with the same weight-loss issues. However, with these particular meetings online a person is on their own obtain their weight loss. There is not any direct contact with a clinician, nevertheless, there is support from other members in the same boat. Family therapy, is like Sunday dinner at my mother’s house, and she is the family therapist. She meets with all of us at one time to discuss any issues that may need

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