Family Summary: Girl Meets World And The Evolving Family

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Girl Meets World and the Evolving Family Girl Meets World is a show the depicts two types of families: the more traditional family, and a family of a single mother. While the two families are different they bring great insight into the current situation of modern day families. Modern families have evolved from the nuclear family and will continue to change throughout time, whether they will change for the better or not is undecided. In this show it shows that a family of a single mother, and daughter can function equally as well as a family that consists of father, mother, son, and daughter. The family is a changing form and will continue to change as time goes on. Family Structure: Family one consists of a father, mother, daughter,…show more content…
It’s important to point out that no matter how “ideal” family one is there are still things that they have to deal with and fix. Family one’s issues often come from the growing up of their children. The daughter is just starting high school and the son is in elementary school, so each of them are growing and going through things. The father and the daughter have major different outlooks on whether she should be dating or not. This issue is dealt with them talking about the problem and working through it together. There are issues between the father and mother, they do not always see eye to eye and this creates tension. The important thing here is that they do not allow their personal issues to affect their ability to do their jobs and take care of the children. The children come first. These issues could easily point to there being a family crisis but I do not agree with that. These issues are normal and have been something that all families will deal with, regardless if they’re a modern family or a family from 100 years ago. Issues are going to occur and the important part seeing them through to only learn from the…show more content…
There is no work and life spillover but there is a lack of equal time among the two. The mother works long and hard hours that leads the daughter to be by herself most of the time. The daughter goes to family one for the support she needs when her mother is not there for her. Family one takes her in like a daughter and helps her whenever it’s needed. This is very important to show that whether you are blood family or just family based on a bond or friendship that it’s important to help on another when there are issues. These issues are then brought to her mother and they work them out together. Her mother does the best with what she is able but sometimes it hurts the daughter to not have her actual mother there. One episode her mother lied to her about where her father went when she was younger. The daughter was very hurt and upset because she didn’t know who her father was and why he would leave her. Both families worked to cheer her up but it was only successful when she sat down with her own mother. While others can take the role of family members I think it’s important to have that connect with your blood related family. Those members are the ones that will be able to be there to fix the issues you maybe
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