Family Strengths And Strengths

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Family Response/Strengths/ Resources I was never so happy to see someone in a casket as I was to see my grandmother. I went with my mother to the funeral home to view her body before the funeral, and I smiled when the funeral home owners opened up the door to where her viewing was. I was just too excited and relieved to see my grandmother again, it had been days! I didn’t want to leave. During the actual funeral, I hugged her lifeless body and did not want to let go; my godmother came up to me at the casket, comforted me and escorted me outside to talk me through the pain that I was feeling. When my uncle passed, the family hit rock bottom. My mother felt like she was all alone. She couldn’t wait for me to turn 18, so that I could care for…show more content…
My brother’s grandmother—my mom mom—stayed with us, cooked, cleaned, and helped with funeral arrangements. Freud believed that the proper way of grieving is to withdraw energy away from the loss and focus it on another object (Goldsworthy, 2005). After the funeral, so many people came over to the house to keep the family company and cheerful. We came together as a family. My grandmother was diagnosed with COPD, before she passed, and her continuous trips back and forth to the hospital, brought bed bugs to the home, which resulted in us throwing away our couches. My schools Social Worker—who is still a mentor to me—came to the home and noticed that we didn’t have couches, so she arranged for a moving company to bring us her couches, when she noticed that everyone was sitting in plastic chairs or on the floor. Currently, my mother, my brother, my little sister, and my uncle’s daughter that my mother is raising will go to the grave yard and visit often. After the USC graduation Ceremony, I brought pins back that read: proud grandparent and family member of a USC GRAD, and I plan to place them on both of their graves as soon as I officially complete the program. I stated above that the role of a child is to stay in a child’s place, however at that time, the deaths of my family members began to transition me into adulthood, because I was made aware of my new responsibilities. I then had to watch my sister and sibling while my mother worked 1st shift on the weekends, and the losses shaped me to be the person that I am today. Bowen believed that differentiation of self is being able to look past emotional stresses and continue with actions or goals, without focusing on the emotional aspect (Hutchison, 2013). Everything that I aspire to be and to do for others is based off of the experiences that I have had with my family; I want to be able to help others adapt and transition