Family Residency Personal Statement For Family Medicine

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1.Family Residency Personal Statement The story of being a family medicine practitioner is the very same story of my life as a person that is deeply committed to the community. In the past, I have understood the necessity of providing quality healthcare as part of a personal quest to assist the people of my home country: Afghanistan. At the international level, I have become aware of the necessity of bringing medical services to countries, such as my own, that desperately need community medical practitioners in times of war, civil unrest, and poverty. My interest in the medical residency program is founded on the principles of healing and service those in need, which has allowed me to expand my horizons in terms of orthopedics pediatrics,…show more content…
The Xavier School of Medicine ahs provided me with an international education in the field of medicine, which provided numerous medical rotations that have given me practical experience with patients. From 2009-2015 I have been actively involved in clinical training that has allowed me to realize my talents as a family orientated physician through the support of my peers. Recently, I was named “Chief Student” at the Jackson Park Hospital due to my commitment to helping my fellow students and cooperating with my superiors on the medical staff. These aspects of my personality and professionalism define a unique interest in the field of family medicine and in the personal relationships I have forged over the past 5-6 years. These are important aspects of the core values the student/teacher relationship that I can realize by being admitted into the family medicine residency program. More so, I can apply the skills and medical training that I receive to bring humanitarian relief to the people of Afghanistan, and around the world. These are the core reasons why I feel I would be a strong candidate for the family medicine residency program as a crucial part of my training as an international medical
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