Family Relationships In The 18th Century

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In this article, Lizzardi tells about the obvious disgust of how children were raised in the 18th century. From what Lizzardi says shows he is for more of a traditional family. Father is the head of the household, working to provide. While mother is at home raising and teaching her children. In this article that doesn’t appear to be the case of how family relationships were in the 18th century. From what Lizzardi says shows that the home was a little broken from the traditional family and relationships between members were very distant. From what I read, I get the idea that family relationships weren’t important at this time. From Lizzardi’s point of view the parents were irresponsible and uncaring about the way they would nurture and care for…show more content…
Neither the father or the mother punish the child, or even tell them no. If the child shows interest in or a desire for something, that thing will be given to them. If the child started to cry or fuss, whatever would make the child calm, was given to them. This lead to entitled children, who grew up always getting what they wanted, which showed when they were adults. There were no guidance for the children, if it was food what made them happy that’s what they got, even if it made the children overweight. By having no punishment from the parents, and the parents being push overs it lead to a society of entitled adults always wanted something more. If the mother is more of a father figure, then that makes the father more of a mother figure. The father doesn’t appear to be much of a role model for his children during this time period. The father caves to whatever the mother wants because he loves her. With occasions of persuading the mother to do something else, for example not swaddling to the child so much. The father cared for his children, but just as the mother, spoiled them. The father would yield to what the mother wanted, but not matter what he love his

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